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Wine Production Services

Modern Winemaking Tools For Discerning Clients

Sugarloaf Crush has been designed from day one with the premier, small-lot producer in mind. From the location in the beautiful Sonoma Valley to the state-of-the-art equipment and technological integration, Sugarloaf has set a new standard in community crush wine production services. We provide a true grape-to-glass pipeline for our member winery clients: You have access to our cloud-based winery management system to view your inventory and work orders in real time. With efficiency-integrated and multiple-process capability at the facility, client wines are processed promptly to their unique specifications. We’ve designed our business to support winemakers who crush at least 15 tons per vintage, but no less than one-ton lots. Every member winery is a priority, and our ultimate objective is to provide a stress-free winemaking process for you. 

Processing Equipment FOR WINE PRODUCTION

Sugarloaf has set the standard for technological integration in the custom crush space for small-batch wines. With state-of-the-art crush equipment, various types and sizes of pumps, and multiple presses, we have the capability to give every wine the unique care it deserves during wine production.


  • 100hl Vaslin-Bucher bladder press
  • 50hl Vaslin-Bucher bladder press
  • 45hl Euro Press


  • Carlsen vibrating cluster sorting table that extracts hard raisins and MOG prior to destemming
  • An Oscillys 200 destemmer with variable roller-width settings for the near perfect berry selection
  • Vaslin Bucher post-destemming sorting table
  • WECO Optical Sorter
  • 20hl Vaslin-Bucher basket press
  • 8hl Carlsen basket press


  • Peristaltic pumps for transferring
  • Air pumps of various sizes
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Waukesha pump

Other Processing Services

  • Lenticular filters for small lots
  • Daily brix and temperature readings on active ferments
  • Lab with pH meter, DMAs, Refractometers, DO meter, and carbodoseur
  • Cold room for grape storage after very early morning deliveries
  • 2 additional barrel rooms, heat and cool independently, separate from the main barrel hall

Wine Production Tanks

Sugarloaf’s community crush studio was built with a diversity of wine production tanks in both style and size to meet the needs of the most discerning winemaker.

  • 1/5 ton macro bins
  • 2-9 ton open-top stainless steel fermenters
  • 12 ton stainless steel fermenters
  • All tanks are connected to hot and cold glycol
  • All tanks are TankNet temperature controlled
  • Positive pressure nitrogen for headspace management, partial tanks

Wine Barrel Storage

Clients benefit from three separate temperature-controlled and humidified rooms for wine production. During the aging process, our member winery clients can log on to their InnoVint app and track their lots in real-time. Members can also input work orders remotely.

Room 1

300+ barrel capacity with heating and cooling

Room 2

200+ barrel capacity with heating and cooling

Room 3 (Main storage)

4,500+ barrel capacity with cooling

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